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About Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is a global leader in medical imaging and healthcare information technology. With nearly $10B in annual revenue, the company has over 40,000 employees serving healthcare organizations in 150 countries. After 150 years of innovation, Konica continues to develop and deploy cutting edge technology to support primary imaging and advanced clinical decision-making.

The Problem

With double digit growth in the Exa® Enterprise Imaging Software Solution, Konica Minolta needed a partner and dynamic migration platform to seamlessly integrate into their expanding deployment operations. Technically, the team needed to address legacy systems lacking DICOM standards, convoluted private tag structures, low bandwidth, outdated HW and SW support systems, no extracts available, inconsistent patient identifier schema and failing, unsupported source systems. As an operational tool, the software would need to be intuitive to users across many markets, easy to install, update and extensible as the Exa® platform evolved over the years.

The Solution

With the Silverback® Migration Engine, the Konica team has a turnkey migration solution to ensure that legacy data is efficiently cleaned and moved to the Exa® platform. After a few short training sessions with Datafirst engineers, the Konica team now quickly deploys the migration engine in new environments to migrate millions of studies every year as follows.

  • Quickly installs Silverback® SW into any environment in less than 30 minutes.
  • Utilizes a central UI to connect all source and target systems in the network.
  • Manages, creates, and/or configures Source of Truth(SOT) tables for study reconciliation.
  • Initializes data integrity and QC tools to match and check both meta and DICOM data.
  • Manages and monitors the tasks and activities below through a point and click UI.
    • Tag Management
    • Set countless logic profiles and conditions.
    • Create time profiles.
    • Set compression rules.
    • Create proprietary tags as needed.
  • Sets controls to automatically optimize bandwidth resources throughout the network.
  • Troubleshoots and reconciles study migration through advanced association management tools.
  • Sets alerts and reports to monitor progress and issues.


“Before our team deployed Silverback®, we struggled with migrations. Once we started to use the Migration Engine, our first pass accuracy soared to over 98% consistently. Silverback® has empowered us with the flexibility and power to tackle any migration challenge in any environment.”

Shaun Barrow – HCIT Systems Engineer Team Leader, Konica Minolta

Looking Ahead

As the size and complexity of these migrations continually expands, the Konica team has recognized the power and flexibility of the platform. The Datafirst development team is committed to supporting this growth by consistently adding new features and functions based on direct feedback from both users and management. Built for flexibility and extensibility, the Silverback platform will continue to evolve to support the unique needs of the customer.


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Founded in 1990 by healthcare specialists and military veterans, DataFirst has become a recognized leader in healthcare information technology for its ability to solve imaging data challenges and implement interoperability initiatives across the healthcare enterprise.

With a focus on customer service and technology innovation, the company has continued to evolve from a migration service provider to a leading-edge software developer. As the most trusted migration partner for the largest imaging solution manufacturers, DataFirst completes over 250 migration projects annually. This experience has created the foundation for the development and commercialization of the most robust imaging management platform in the industry today, Silverback®.

An enterprise-grade workflow and migration engine, Silverback® is designed to tackle the toughest interoperability challenges in healthcare. Offering the tools to create, supplement and enhance workflows, the platform enables organizations to customize a solution for your unique requirements and business objectives.

With experience in more than 50% of the hospitals across the country, the company continues to support all projects with a team based entirely in the U.S. DataFirst continues to grow the dedicated R&D team based in Florida with the talent and resources needed to deliver innovation and next-generation solutions. For over 30 years, the company has set a standard of excellence to support our clinical and IT specialists in their mission to deliver world-class healthcare.


Beau Jones

Beau is the President and CEO of DataFirst with more than 22 years of experience in management and leadership roles in the healthcare and information services industries. Learn more about Beau's experiences and qualifications on our Leadership page.