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Identify Image Management Opportunities Before They Become Operational Issues

Unrivaled healthcare imaging expertise + World-class technology =

Imaging interoperability challenges solvedPatient care improvedOperational efficiencies gainedNetwork disruptions reduced

Your image lifecycle management partner:

Ready today, evolving for tomorrow

With 1,000+ implementations, the Silverback® platform gets smarter, faster, and stronger every day – continuous evolution powered by AI that means you don’t have to work harder to improve outcomes.

See how we deliver operational efficiencies to facilities like yours.

Scalable. Smart. Secure.

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How We Work

We recognize every environment is unique.
We ensure customer success with process and expertise.


Evaluate your environment and challenge.


Create a solution to address and solve the problem.


Install and configure the Silverback® platform for optimal performance.


Check, test, and do it again to ensure seamless operation.


Deliver a dynamic solution in your environment and transform challenges into operational excellence.

Building Connections Across the Healthcare Ecosystem

Our products mobilize imaging data, optimize routing and workflow, and connect every step of the patient journey wherever care is diagnosed and delivered. Within a department or across the globe, we make healthcare IT more efficient and satisfy the growing data demands of providers, patients, and health systems.

Whether you need imaging data in the clinic, in the cath lab, on the road, or in the cloud, DataFirst delivers.

Health Systems

Connectivity and interoperability don’t have to be enterprise-level initiatives. Build data freedom one connection at a time.


Is your network truly connected? Ensure a consistent flow of imaging data to your providers at all times.

Imaging Centers

Are you confident that your clinical workflow meets the needs of all of your care delivery partners?
Hospitals & Health Systems

Enterprise-wide PACS, VNA, RIS, and EHR systems can create more workflow bottlenecks than efficiencies. Thankfully, greater interoperability can start with you.

With more visibility and automated intelligence, you can optimize your imaging management strategy and improve your department’s operations. Then, when you’re ready, scale and expand upon your success — your leadership will take notice.

Trust the healthcare imaging leaders with routing, storage, migration, and workflow solutions deployed in over half of all U.S. hospitals.

Integrated Delivery Networks

Whatever your network looks like, connectivity is key to delivering on the promise of holistic care for your patients. Can your providers access critical imaging studies at the point of care to guide medical decisions?

If you can’t answer ‘yes’ emphatically, then it’s time to redefine what connected care means for your delivery network.

See why more than half of U.S. hospitals trust DataFirst to connect providers with the imaging data they need with the tap of a finger or click of a mouse.

Imaging Centers

Is your routing and workflow technology keeping pace with your advanced imaging modalities? Or are studies left behind, data missing, and connections failing?

As the centers for excellence in healthcare imaging, patients and providers are relying on your infrastructure to get data where it needs to go quickly and reliably.

See how simple it is — with the right purpose-built tools — to ensure rapid and accurate delivery of healthcare imaging data every time.

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Which Silverback is Right for You?

Silverback® Vue

Ready for more efficient DICOM image study routing?
Access a smart, configurable routing solution that’s built on best-in-class technology to get your images where they need to go, faster.

Silverback® Enterprise

Network growth outpacing your image management technology?
Solve your toughest enterprise imaging and interoperability challenges with one enterprise-wide platform – the most powerful engine in the industry.

Silverback® Pro

Need to migrate studies?
Our most comprehensive and advanced engine unifies and supports your entire imaging network. A full suite of interoperability services built around a world-class, intelligent router with the industry’s most powerful migration engine.

Executive Brief cover
Executive Brief cover
Executive Brief cover

Overpromised Interoperability?

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