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After 15 years of promises and conjecture by manufacturers, there is little evidence that the VNA has established a new paradigm of efficiency, independence, and cost savings. Customers are still beholden and constrained by the cost and complexity of migrating studies, developing or supporting new workflows, and creating a dynamic backup of their study data.

Silverback’s® enterprise workflow engine empowers organizations with a customizable solution to support their objectives and plans regardless of the imaging solutions in place today or tomorrow.

Always ensure a dynamic copy of your data.
As networks have grown in size and complexity, the ‘backup solutions to support the data vary significantly. While moving your data to a SANS or relying on a vendor’s back-office copy may save the data, your direct access to the information is limited.

Silverback provides strategic options that enable organizations to continue workflow and operational support when the PACS is down or unavailable. It will continually update studies by intelligently querying the PACS and databases on a customer-defined frequency to maintain data integrity and parity. While imperative during downtime or cyber events, Silverback provides flexibility and reliability for IT teams to schedule maintenance, and immediate troubleshoot their imaging network.

With the ability to configure intelligent and customized enterprise image routing, all modalities can be directed to the engine for a seamless workflow backup to support multiple operational scenarios.

Say ‘goodbye’ to traditional image migrations.
Migrations continue to burden healthcare organizations financially and operationally while impacting clinicians in delivering integrated care. With the Silverback platform in place, organizations can immediately ‘go live’ with the new PACS and retire legacy systems. Silverback will function simultaneously as the migration engine to move studies and enable any prefetch, routing, or specific workflow requirements to support clinical operations.

The migration engine is built for power and speed and leverages the most advanced tools to ensure data quality and optimize network efficiency and resources. After the migration is complete, the platform not only maintains another copy for reference and audit, but Silverback supports or supplements all workflows of any new PACS system.

Free yourself from vendor dependency
To keep up with changing business objectives and technology advancements, organizations need unrestricted control of their data. The speed of change and associated challenges with changing technology will only increase and pressure IT teams in the future.

While cost is always an issue, flexibility is imperative. Silverback enables organizations to design, implement and operate as an endpoint or enabler in the imaging network. Silverback will support your imaging needs on-premise or in the cloud, from archiving to routing.

Break the constraints around enterprise imaging management with Silverback. The platform can scale, adjust, and support any vendor or technology today or tomorrow with AI-powered intelligence.

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Beau Jones

Beau is the President and CEO of DataFirst with more than 22 years of experience in management and leadership roles in the healthcare and information services industries. Learn more about Beau's experiences and qualifications on our Leadership page.