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Enable healthcare data communication with advanced imaging interoperability that intelligently interprets and maps study data between sources and target destinations.

The Challenge: Language, Interpretation and Understanding

Short Messaging Service (SMS) or “texting” has changed the way we connect and communicate. Engagement in the language of texts, tweets and emojis speeds delivery but may require translation or transformation to power conversation.

Imaging communication and interoperability requires interpretation of data exchanged between data sources and target destinations. Data including studies, messages, notifications and reports may require modification to meet the language compatibility requirements of sending and receiving systems and devices. A failure to effectively communicate delays diagnosis, weakens workflow and hinders patient care collaboration.

The Solution: Intelligent Interpretation

Silverback Workflow Engine logoSilverBack Workflow EngineTM processes imaging data on the fly, interpreting then converting or reformatting data to support source and destination interoperability requirements. Our advanced data processing algorithms examine filtering, compression, format modification, tag mapping and conversion requirements powering intelligent image distribution without sacrificing data fidelity and meaning.


SilverBack Medical Imaging Workflow Engine - Data Translation and Transformation Diagram

Power true multi-system imaging data interoperability with intelligent data translation and transformation algorithms.


SilverBack Data Translation and Transformation Core Benefits

  • Powers on-the-fly image data sharing and communication.
  • Enables data source-to-destination sharing by reformatting, updating and conversion, to meet diverse interoperability requirements.
  • Transforms data sharing and exchange, building a communication framework that advances clinical and diagnostic decision-making and improved patient outcomes.
  • Leverages advanced algorithms to remap DICOM tags, filter image selection, control image compression and select optimal compression formats.

Key Product Features

  • DICOM Tag Processing: Modify format to support interoperability with target system/device.
  • Image Handling: Select, filter, compress and selectively route based on image attributes.
  • Intelligent Distribution: Modify, reroute and support sending to multiple locations.

Use Cases

Support a multi-vendor environment: Make interoperability a reality. Quickly and easily network studies across multi-vendor and/or multi-version source and destination systems. Access, update, share, view, read and store studies on the fly in a multi-technology environment.

Unlock proprietary Tags: SilverBack Workflow Engine converts proprietary tags (i.e., annotations) to standard DICOM GSPS objects to meet the needs of the receiving systems.

Solve bandwidth challenges: Imaging studies are large and growing, creating routing challenges across the enterprise. SilverBack’s intelligent compression algorithms ensure study fidelity and solve network congestion challenges.

Data Connections That Power Interoperability

A connected healthcare ecosystem is essential for rapid communication of healthcare data. Our advanced data interpretation and mapping algorithms make imaging data interoperability a reality. SilverBack’s data translation and transformation solution delivers connectivity in multi-vendor, multi-system environments to power a conversation about healthcare.

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Beau Jones

Beau is the President and CEO of DataFirst with more than 22 years of experience in management and leadership roles in the healthcare and information services industries. Learn more about Beau's experiences and qualifications on our Leadership page.