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System interoperability issues challenge the best CIOs and IT pros. Technology evolves, often disabling workflows and derailing resources. Today’s leading-edge, vendor-neutral platform is tomorrow’s legacy system. On-premise solutions ascend to the Cloud, while mobile and IoT connections demand more attention.

Technology moves care collaboration forward, but clinical engagement and diagnosis require connections to the past. Imaging studies captured and stored on legacy systems are relevant, even critical, to today’s diagnoses and tomorrow’s cure.

Imaging’s Multi-Vendor, Multi-Version Challenge

Healthcare teams must intelligently connect, consolidate and communicate patient data across multi-vendor, multi-version and multi-location systems. Simply upgrading an existing system can derail workflows and sideline valuable IT resources.

Cross-vendor and cross-version study routing workflows must dissolve data sharing barriers between legacy and newer product platforms and improve workflows without sacrificing operational efficiency.

The Solution: SilverBackTM Multi-System Study Workflow

Silverback Workflow Engine logoThe SilverBack Workflow Engine connects multi-vendor, multi-version and multi-location environments without derailing operational workflows. Provision new systems, add vendor upgrades and quickly connect existing systems to take advantage of technology advances without sacrificing connection to legacy systems and existing workflows.

Go with the Multi-Vendor, Multi-System Flow

Leveraging advanced study routing algorithms, SilverBack Workflow Engine dynamically analyzes and indexes studies, powering system-agnostic data sharing. As new systems are brought online, SilverBack’s advanced algorithms ingest and catalog studies making on-the-fly access a reality, regardless of vendor, application version or study location.

Updated systems easily lock into place, connecting and consolidating image systems. Quickly harness the power of new modalities, storage systems, applications and viewers.


SilverBack Workflow Engine - Multi-System Imaging Workflow Diagram

SilverBack makes rapid, operationally-aligned system upgrades a reality, dissolving barriers created between legacy and new multi-vendor, multi-version systems.


SilverBack Multi-System Workflow’s Core Benefits

  • Provides a centralized database of studies managed by multi-vendor, multi-version systems.
  • Enables open access for study processing and interoperability by connected systems.
  • Powers rules-based study processing and fetching supporting operational worklists, ad-hoc and emergent workflows.
  • Improves operational efficiency mapping system update schedules to resource availability.
  • Supports system-level grandfathering to accommodate broad user community support and user transition planning.

Key Product Features

  • Identify, manage and maintain a complete database of patients and associated studies.
  • Intelligently Pre-Fetch, preprocess and translate studies based on source and target requirements.
  • Route studies to appropriate repository/storage locations promptly.
  • Process messages and notifications then deliver across multiple platforms.

Use Cases

Break Down Single-Vendor Legacy System Barriers: Quickly connect legacy, multi-version systems providing central access to patient data for rapid diagnostic review. Reduce operational impacts that derail workflows and sink resource efficiency (e.g., migration, retraining, IT provisioning and system retuning).

Enable Multi-System Data Sharing: Neutralize system incompatibilities building patient-centered workflows, regardless of the modality, storage system, application (new and legacy), viewer or location.

Intelligent Multi-System Workflows That Power Interoperability

We deliver image management solutions that match the pace of your business and technology roadmaps without disrupting clinical workflows. Dissolve multi-vendor, multi-version barriers and build connections between legacy and new technology to power real-time healthcare delivery.

If you’re ready to take action, DataFirst can help.
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Beau Jones

Beau is the President and CEO of DataFirst with more than 22 years of experience in management and leadership roles in the healthcare and information services industries. Learn more about Beau's experiences and qualifications on our Leadership page.