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Healthcare providers are no longer single-site entities whose four walls house all patient studies.

What’s true in real estate is true in healthcare image data management—location matters. Even mid-sized organizations occupy multi-office campuses, specialty divisions or groups of owned and affiliated locations, not to mention the complexity of storing data on premise, in archives and in the Cloud. Each department, office, building and site may hold pieces of an imaging puzzle that, once consolidated, reveals a clearer care picture.

Imaging’s Multi-Site Study Routing Challenge

Remote, decentralized study routing workflows demand rapid, HIPAA-compliant and secure study management between disparate source and destination systems. Whether supporting business continuity or powering post-acquisition data consolidation, centralized, timely access to patient data is vital. Intelligently connecting every location across a distributed, multi-vendor environment is critical to reducing care costs, increasing provider efficiency, improving patient satisfaction and optimizing patient care outcomes.

Location. Location. Location.

Multi-site collaborative science is a reality. However, coordinated and streamlined access and sharing of patient data across disparate systems and sites complicates clinical and diagnostic workflows. On-the-fly image access demands connection. HIT teams need an intelligent, high-performance solution to move complex, multi-located data quickly with confidence and ease.

Sites need continued autonomy while still participating as members of a team. Studies must remain intact and true to their origins while bending to the interoperability requirements dictated by clinical and diagnostic interpretation.

The Solution: SilverBackTM Multi-Site Study Workflow

Silverback Workflow Engine logoSilverBack Workflow Engine seamlessly connects multiple sites building a virtual hub of patient imaging data. This centralized, living index of all networked systems powers rapid and secure data sharing across a multi-location, multi-system enterprise.

Advanced Routing Algorithms Put Flow into Your Workflow

Leveraging advanced study routing algorithms, SilverBack Workflow Engine dynamically analyzes and indexes studies then optimizes routing workflows across the connected systems. Distributed, disparate data becomes virtually-consolidated imaging intelligence with on-demand access from any connected modality, storage system, application (new and legacy) or viewer on the network.

Advanced algorithms ensure that study data is available at required destinations in a timely manner, whether by scheduled workflow or emergency and/or ad-hoc requests. Healthcare information is provided where and when it’s needed.


SilverBack Imaging Workflow Engine - Multi-Site Imaging Workflow Diagram

SilverBack manages complex multi-site credentialing, study management, control and sharing to support building an integrated enterprise-wide view of patient imaging data.


SilverBack Multi-Site Workflow Core Benefits

  • Provides centralized access to studies housed across geographically-dispersed sites.
  • Synchronizes access to previous studies, enabling rapid review and comparison.
  • Allows multi-site environments to work independently while providing access to shared patient data, as if stored centrally.
  • Maintains the current state of all studies stored across the connected enterprise, ensuring data integrity.

Use Cases

Break Down Geographic Boundaries: Quickly connect geographically-dispersed regional hospitals and community clinics, providing central access to patient data for rapid diagnostic review.

Enable Multi-System Data Sharing: Neutralize system incompatibilities building patient-centered workflows, regardless of the modality, storage system, application (new and legacy), viewer or location.

Life happens fast. Access your healthcare data faster.

Move healthcare at the pace of life by dissolving study location boundaries and connecting patient data to facilitate diagnoses and speed care delivery. We build the connections that set data free—free to inform analysis, free to cross physical and technical boundaries. At DataFirst, we combine speed, intelligence and timing to put the flow back into multi-site study routing workflows.

If you’re ready to take action, DataFirst can help.
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Beau Jones

Beau is the President and CEO of DataFirst with more than 22 years of experience in management and leadership roles in the healthcare and information services industries. Learn more about Beau's experiences and qualifications on our Leadership page.