The Best Care Is Delivered When Data Connections Build Freedom, Not Boundaries

We reimagine image data delivery one connection at a time. Where you store images is irrelevant. We connect any image source, repository, archive or modality to any viewer, mobile device, exchange or portal—locally or in the cloud—to create a connected healthcare ecosystem.

When departments or health systems build data connections, clinicians are freed to deliver care at the speed of life.

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Connect Patient Imaging Data to the Care Providers Who Need It

Medical specialties each have their own imaging workflows and data requirements. Learn how DataFirst connects specialties to the imaging data they need.

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Feeling limited by your PACS or VNA? Access imaging data from any device, application, viewer or location with DataFirst.

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View a comprehensive record of your patient’s cardiac images and reports from one workstation or device to provide speedy, accurate diagnoses and cardiac care delivery.

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Cancer patients trust that oncologists have a complete view of their CT scans, x-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds and reports to make safe, effective care decisions. Can you access the images you need to make life-saving decisions?

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Access and share digital slides with ease to study, research and discover from any location or device. Don’t let glass slides slow you down.

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Capture images of skin abnormalities, patient progress and surgical outcomes on your mobile device and route them where they need to go, unbound from technology or physical barriers.

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Efficiently retrieve OCT, fluorescein angiography, and fundus 3-D photography images from the patient record and route new images to the primary care providers and specialty departments that need them.

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