Connections Are the Key to Better Care

Rapidly and intelligently build data connections between every facility and technology system across your entire integrated delivery network. Ensure consistent integration, management, sharing and flow of imaging data to all care providers in the network, even during merger, acquisition and consolidation events.

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Cross Any Physical or Technical Boundary

DataFirst has moved over 1 Exabyte of data between disparate systems, vendors and facilities. Our image management solutions streamline the inefficiencies associated with owning a variety of PACS, modalities and storage technologies across an expansive healthcare ecosystem.

Our solutions are built on a highly customizable framework that can resolve proprietary data challenges on demand to deliver structured and unstructured imaging data to any device, viewer or location at any time.

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Seamless Integration

Integrate all departments, facilities, archives, technologies and devices throughout the care delivery network.

consistent connections

Consistent Connections

Connect all disparate providers, facilities and IT systems across the network to give all patient care teams access to consistent and reliable imaging data where and when it is needed.

interoperable imaging

Interoperable Imaging

Achieve network-wide interoperability of imaging data to drive efficiency, improve throughput and enhance patient outcomes.

intelligent workflow

Intelligent Workflow

Access imaging data at the point of care with our patient-centered workflow engine, regardless of the receiving device, application, viewer or location.

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Constant Availability

Rely on secure, compliant connections to retrieve imaging data using any device from any location.

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