We Build Connections to Set Data Free

Connections set data free to impact diagnosis, inform analysis, and cross physical and technical boundaries.

At DataFirst, we mobilize care data at the speed of life.

Remove Barriers to Imaging Data Access and Delivery by Establishing Multi-Dimensional Data Connections

Current healthcare systems have barriers that prevent care providers and patients from accessing imaging data and reports when and where they are needed. DataFirst augments existing systems to close gaps in imaging workflow and improve data communications.

Imaging data lives in disparate archives, viewers and modalities that don’t communicate, share or exchange information effectively. Providers need imaging data instantly—down the hall and across the globe. Beyond data connections that take data from Point A to Point B, DataFirst maps the distribution of data to meet your clinical, business and patient needs.

DataFirst’s imaging workflow engine facilitates multi-dimensional image exchange and sharing from any data source, to any device, in any location, at any time.

Image Exchange & Sharing

  • Support structured and unstructured data
  • Integrate with all PACS, RIS and VNA vendor systems
  • Manage connections to over 100 legacy and current systems
  • Opt into public and private exchanges
  • Manage cloud and on-premise workflows and disaster recovery
  • Mobilize data exchange to and from any device, vendor or location
  • Support import and export of images on all media types
  • Integrate non-resident study data
  • Reconcile past studies to build comprehensive patient records
  • Power Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) for improved sharing and interoperability
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