Is Your Workflow Engine as Cutting-Edge as Your Imaging Modalities?

Imaging centers are often the hubs of advanced imaging workflow and communication between hospitals, doctor’s offices and patients. Beyond the image encounter and exam, these dedicated imaging hubs balance an increasing flow of orders and demands to accurately and efficiently route studies across the care ecosystem.

Are you confident that your clinical workflow meets the needs of all of your care delivery partners? Let DataFirst’s advanced workflow engine help you keep the patient at the center of care while meeting the demands of a growing network of care coordination, image sharing and order management.

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Vendor Neutral Image Management

From image acquisition to integration and storage, DataFirst brings a comprehensive record of care to life—anywhere patients require treatment or testing. Connect and archive complete imaging histories with confidence regardless of modality, vendor or lifecycle stage.

Are you still managing image workflow manually? Apply automated processes that separate modalities from viewing and storage solutions.

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