Connectivity and Interoperability Don’t Have to be Enterprise-Level Initiatives

Deployment of PACS, RIS, VNAs and other enterprise solutions can be a significant investment of resources and budget, but these projects don’t always solve critical data routing and workflow challenges. DataFirst improves imaging data connectivity and workflow down to the modality or department level and can grow at any business pace. Bridge your connectivity gaps with DataFirst.

EHR Image Enablement—One Connection at a Time

DataFirst’s imaging workflow engine is scalable and adaptable to meet imaging data management goals now and in the future. Start by solving department-level connectivity and workflow challenges, then easily scale to improve imaging workflow at the facility or enterprise level.

DataFirst solutions are deployed in over 50% of U.S. hospitals and have the flexibility to exchange data with all PACS, RIS, VNA, EHR and EMR vendors in the market.

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PACS Administrator / IT Manager
IT Manager

PACS Administrator / IT Manager

You don’t have to live with the inefficiencies of your technology infrastructure. Bring us your toughest image management and workflow challenges—we’ve been solving them for over 20 years.

  • Low-cost solution with off-the-shelf flexibility
  • Alleviates routine data integrity issues, system failures and interoperability challenges
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance
  • No on-premises implementation

Not convinced? Let us prove it to you. Use the DataFirst workflow engine free for 30 days. No upfront fees, no service charges.

VP Imaging / Director of Operations
VP of Imaging

VP Imaging / Director of Operations

Improve operational efficiency in your facility or across your enterprise. Establish a departmental data management strategy, then expand your initiatives enterprise-wide to finally make interoperability a reality. DataFirst creates an electronic healthcare information exchange across your department, facility or enterprise to drive efficiency in accessing, storing and routing imaging data.

Make your department the star of the hospital. Try the DataFirst workflow engine free for 30 days.



When hospitals and health systems streamline image management within departments and across facilities, providers can access the images they need to deliver better care and improve outcomes. Enhance image routing and workflow to allow clinicians to read more studies, reduce storage requirements, and speed patient throughput.

Discover your cost-saving opportunities with a free 30-day trial of the DataFirst workflow engine.

Over 1,100 Hospitals Trust DataFirst

Kettering Health Network
New York Presbyterian
Texas Health Resources
UPMC Presbyterian
Radiology Associates PC – (OMG) Oregno Medical Group
Cadence Health
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
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