Life Happens Fast.
Care Data Needs to Keep Up.

We believe care data should keep pace with life. From first responders and emergency care providers to attending physicians and general practitioners, patients rely on healthcare providers in all settings to have instant access to patient data and imaging histories.

DataFirst mobilizes care data so it can move at the speed of life.

Advanced Medical Image Routing Software

  • Route images based on pre-defined logic, freeing data to flow where needed
  • Resolve proprietary formats that limit the flow of data by blocking image sharing, connectivity and exchange
  • Connect imaging data to the clinicians who interpret it
  • Support any advanced viewer, freeing clinical teams to work at the speed of life
  • Define the workflow rules that best support your clinical teams 24/7
  • Fill holes left by PACS, RIS and VNA tools that don’t support cross-vendor workflow
  • Erase vendor-dependent scripting and wrapping customizations that lock legacy systems in place
how DICOM routing works diagram

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