SilverBackTM Pre-Fetch Workflow—Intelligent Imaging Identification, Retrieval and Queueing

Confidently Locate, Retrieve, Consolidate and Queue Patient Studies for Clinical and Diagnostic Evaluation to Deliver a Connected Patient Care Journey

The Challenge: Orchestrating Delivery of a Complete Care Story

Locating an important patient study then securely holding it for quick reference later is challenging. Doing the same for multiple studies, retrieved from different locations, then blended and delivered in concert?
That takes orchestration.

To improve and speed diagnosis and care delivery, clinicians need real-time access to a consolidated picture of care. Reconstructing a patient’s care journey requires the connection—virtual or physical—of multiple imaging studies acquired over different times and locations. Breaking down location, compatibility and bandwidth barriers challenges HIT teams and confounds clinicians.

The Solution: DataFirst’s Pre-Fetch Workflow Connects Care

SilverBack Workflow Engine LogoExperience truly connected care when artificial storage boundaries dissolve. SilverBack’s study pre-fetch technology locates, pre-processes and consolidates patient studies by quickly identifying and indexing data on source and destination nodes.

Intelligent DICOM Image Load Balancing Clears Data Flow Congestion

On-the-fly access to imaging data demands savvy traffic control when inbound data stands to overwhelm receiving system ingestion capacity. SilverBack Workflow EngineTM uses intelligent DICOM load balancing techniques to optimize data flow across a network of receiving nodes creating a scalable, multi-threaded data flow. Smart pre-fetching identifies and coordinates data prior to delivery for each thread. Advanced pre-processing eliminates data chokepoints and streamlines error-free, efficient transactions.


workflow engine DICOM load balancing diagram

SilverBack Workflow Engine uses intelligent DICOM load balancing techniques to optimize data flow across a network of receiving nodes creating a scalable, multi-threaded, efficient data flow.


SilverBack Pre-Fetch Workflow Core Benefits

  • Collect, pre-process and queue disparately-stored studies, powering efficiency and productivity
  • Power clinical comparison of multi-modality and multi-source studies
  • Break down compatibility barriers with intelligent on-the-fly pre-processing
  • Solve performance, bandwidth and capacity challenges with high-speed, load-balanced caching
DICOM image pre-fetching workflow diagram

Use Cases

Clinical Decision Support: Locate and pre-process multi-location, multi‑format studies providing clinicians consolidated, on-the-fly access for diagnostic decision support.

Connect the Care Picture: Discover and pre-process studies captured at every stage of a patient’s care journey, supporting clinical evaluation.

Break Down Compatibility Barriers: Eliminate cross-modality and ever‑evolving viewer technology barriers with advanced, rules-driven study pre‑processing.

Data Connections That Work

A connected healthcare ecosystem is essential for rapid communication of healthcare data. We see powerful communication technology as the high-speed gateway that connects modalities, patient charts and archives to deliver care data when and where life requires it. Locating, retrieving and queueing imaging studies with an advanced pre-fetch workflow engine helps create a connected healthcare ecosystem.

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SilverBack™ Pre-Fetch Workflow— Intelligent Imaging Identification, Retrieval, and Queueing

Confidently locate, retrieve, consolidate, and queue patient studies for clinical and diagnostic evaluation. Deliver a connected patient care journey.

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