Access Images at the Speed of Life

When healthcare technology intelligently connects patient data, a complete picture of care forms to fuel clinical efficiency and facilitate diagnosis at the speed of life—at any time, from any location.

Our rules-based image fetching and pre-fetching workflows deliver immediate access to structured and unstructured images and reports wherever care providers need them. With DataFirst’s flexible image fetching technology, your department, facility or enterprise can intelligently connect and combine patient data with existing health IT systems.

DICOM Image Fetching & Pre-Fetching

Ensure critical images and reports are ready when and where clinicians need them. DataFirst fetches all prior images and reports from any PACS, RIS, VNA or other data source and intelligently routes them to the appropriate destination. With immediate access to a comprehensive view of the patient, clinicians provide more rapid and informed diagnosis and treatment at the point of care.

  • Over 2 billion studies and 1 Exabyte of data managed to date—the equivalent of moving one study per second for over 30 years.
  • DICOM image fetching rules are defined based on your workflow, clinical requirements and business needs.
  • Emergent cases are easily managed without manual intervention—reducing errors and speeding clinical review.
  • Combined with advanced imaging exchange and sharing, prior studies are routed from any location including exchanges, cloud storage systems and archives.
  • Advanced image viewers can be deployed and connected at any time, in any location allowing intelligent fetching to route images to optimal viewing stations and locations.
DICOM image pre-fetching workflow diagram

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