SilverBackTM Rules-Based Processing—Intelligent Traffic Pattern Management for Imaging

Adapting Study Traffic Patterns to Your Organization’s Business and Patient Care Objectives is Critical—Rules-Based Study Processing Puts You in Control of Data Flow

The Challenge: Imaging is a Traffic Management Nightmare

Nearly 43,000 flights carrying 2.5 million passengers take-off and land in the U.S. daily. Managing the flow of air traffic—regardless of departure and arrival location, carrier and cargo type—is critical to ensuring consistent, efficient and compliant/safe cargo delivery. Healthcare IT pros feel that pain as they monitor and guide study take-offs and landings across departments, modalities, storage solutions and viewing platforms. To solve unique interoperability challenges, HIT teams must define traffic rules to meet study delivery goals.

The interoperability requirements of a multi-system environment demand that study traffic is differentiated and managed through intelligent, tailored custom logic and filtering profiles.

The Solution: Going With the Flow Just Got Easier

SilverBack Workflow EngineTM rules-based study processing helps HIT teams define a set of protocols that control the flow of imaging data throughout the imaging management system. Based on logic, time, data type and format, tailored rules support all data workflows.

Address routing, filtering, reformatting, translating, compression and time-based study delivery workflows guide preselected data along predefined paths. SilverBack’s ability to selectively process and manipulate imaging data breaks down interoperability barriers presented by incompatible modalities, systems and environments.


Rules-based image processing diagram, routing and workflow engine

Elevate system-wide traffic control with tailored study workflow rules that optimize imaging data flow.


Data Shaping Rules

  • Study compression and filtering
  • DICOM tag modification/adjustment
  • Study splitting and routing to multiple locations
  • Data transformation powering source and target compatibility

Data Workflow Rules

  • Priority handling based on data type, logic and format triggers
  • Time-enabled processing triggers
  • Custom routing and workflow triggers

SilverBack Rules-Based Processing Core Benefits

  • Support interoperability between incompatible systems
  • Establish conditional processing based on origin, destination, data type, time and format
  • Tune study processing requests, notifications and worklists to reading preferences
  • Define dynamic workflows that adjust to system traffic and interrupt conditions

Use Cases

Manage Congestion and Bandwidth: Direct incoming study traffic to different locations depending upon time processed. For example, route work-hour studies to local reading teams, and off-work hour studies to remote or home-based readers.

Speed Delivery of Critical Patient Data: Leverage pre-processing rules to format data to target destinations on-the-fly reducing routing delays and streamlining clinical decision support.

Index and Route Structured Reports: Improve communication and data analysis with consistent, structured reports indexed and routed to appropriate repositories.

Connections that Make Data Flow

A connected healthcare ecosystem is essential for rapid communication of healthcare data. Our advanced communication technology helps you streamline and optimize high-speed study traffic flowing throughout your system. Bring confidence to data workflow with SilverBack’s rules-based study processing engine. Manage study take-offs and landings to meet your business and patient care goals.

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SilverBack™ Rules-Based Processing— Intelligent Traffic Pattern Management for Imaging

Adapting study traffic patterns to your organization’s business and patient care objectives is critical. Rules-based study processing puts you in control of data flow.

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