SilverBackTM—The Smartphone for Imaging AI

DataFirst’s Technology Solutions Deliver the Latest in Artificial Intelligence Applications

Need an Expert Imaging Assistant? We’ve Got an Engine for That.

The DataFirst family of vendor-neutral data management solutions deliver interoperability and multi‑vendor support to over fifty percent of U.S. hospitals. That’s just the start.

Get Smart with the SilverBack Workflow EngineTM

The last piece of an enterprise imaging solution, after connectivity and various interoperability challenges, is adding intelligence and machine learning applications to your platform.

medical imaging artificial intelligence AI use cases

The SilverBack platform enables AI solutions that put the radiologist first, with improved workflow efficiencies and decision support pathways.

The SilverBack Workflow Engine is an open platform for any medical imaging AI app to run real-time, while images move from a source to a target, regardless of vendor.

SilverBack builds upon a knowledge base gleaned from over twenty years of experience with a wide array of imaging modality vendors. We make it easy. Think of us as the App Store for all of your AI data imaging needs; and our platform as the smartphone that takes these apps and applies them to any desired workflow. Whether prioritizing critical studies for your physicians or evaluating archived images, SilverBack drives efficiency through leading edge technology.

The Future of Imaging, Available Today!

Our engine provides the platform to launch the algorithm of your choice, highlighting and focusing your attention on areas of suspicion in your imaging studies for more accurate diagnosis and treatment. We enable this with a virtual army of AI intelligent assistants using machine vision, deep learning, computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) and other advanced proprietary algorithms.

Our engine helps solve a wide variety of clinical challenges—simply download the applications that best meet your needs and experience the benefits.

Some examples of supported AI imaging apps include:

For a listing of many more AI apps, see and

Core Benefits: An Intelligent Image Reading Assistant

Healthcare providers must carefully balance competing time and resource demands. The integrated AI in SilverBack can increase workflow efficiencies in the following ways:

  • Higher quality of care
  • Decreased misdiagnosis liability
  • Increased secondary imaging study volumes and associated revenues

Key Product Features

  • AI algorithms have the ability to detect critical abnormalities and alert the radiologist that an expedited interpretation or additional imaging study may be in order before the patient even leaves the department.
  • Workflow algorithms support time-dependent study routing to appropriate reading locations.
  • Pre-fetch and routing operations retrieve and deliver studies, enabling on-the-fly remote readings.
  • SilverBack’s Central Dictionary maintains the current status and location of all managed studies.

Use Cases

Increase Study Volume per Reading Radiologist: The demand for medical imaging is increasing dramatically and is expected to soon reach 30% of overall health data storage volume. The amount of data per study has grown nearly 4x in the last decade alone. AI can assist with mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing clinicians to focus on reading.

Enhance Study Efficacy: The combination of data explosion and increased demand places significant stress on the ability of radiologists to accurately diagnose patients. Studies show that false negative diagnosis rates are at 30% and false positive diagnoses are at 2%. AI can help proactively prioritize studies that need immediate attention, as well as go back and suggest prior studies that may need re-examination.

Improve Quality of Care: Our family of data imaging solutions allows HMOs, ACOs and insurers to effectively manage large populations by risk stratifying their patients, creating better decision support pathways and improving patient care.

Leading Edge Technology for AI Imaging

DataFirst supports the American College of Radiology’s Imaging 3.0 Initiative by delivering systems that enable AI applications to work across modalities, optimizing practice management and patient care.

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SilverBack™—The Smartphone for Imaging AI

DataFirst’s technology solutions deliver the latest in artificial intelligence applications.

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