workflow engine as a DICOM Server

When you utilize the SilverBack Workflow Engine's DICOM server capabilities, the Workflow Engine can simultaneously receive DICOM images from multiple client systems. This data is immediately and directly written to the Workflow Engine Share, a general-purpose network Share. Once written, multiple clients can easily retrieve this data using standard DICOM query and retrieve requests. Plus, the Workflow Engine can be configured to automatically make additional copies from the SilverBack Share by copying the date to one or more external archive systems. This feature is especially useful for facilities that backup their data to offsite disaster recovery systems.

What are the Benefits?

  • This feature provides and users with rapid, on-demand search capabilities so they can easily and efficiently retrieve images at any time.
  • The DICOM Server component presents a myriad of flexible sorting options. For example, users can select patient images based on the physician, study date, patient name, modality and more.
  • End users are more productive and enjoy an enhanced workflow. because this solution automatically controls the recording of patient images to an archive system, as well as on-demand image retrieval.