Transfer Syntax Translation

Transfer Syntax Translation establishes DICOM communications between DICOM entities that support the same image modalities but do not support the same transfer syntaxes. The Workflow Engine honors and uses the preferred transfer syntax from both entities. Plus, it provides the necessary translation so the DICOM entities can successfully communicate without requiring the respective systems to make any changes.

What are the Benefits?

  • The SilverBack Workflow Engine's transfer syntax translation feature integrates disparate systems, creating a streamlined flow of data and images between DICOM entities and improves integration between different imaging systems, which enchances workflow for physcians, clinicians and end users. This feature is especially useful when the hospital has a variety of systems from different vendors.
  • The Workflow Engine's ability to communicate between multi-vendor DICOM components, especially when the components do not "speak the same language", provides facilities with the opportunity to integrate older DICOM systems with new DICOM systems. As a result, our customers can achieve DICOM integration without investing in expencive upgrades simply for communication and integration purposes.