Storage Commit - Push Model

Storage Commit is the DICOM procedure for assigning responsibility for the safe storage and retrieval of a group of images. Typically the facility's PACS or DICOM archive system provides this responsibility. On a very simplistic level, this feature is akin to an email "delivery receipt" in that it ensures that images are sent to the appropriate storage location and confirms this action has been completed. For example, a typical Storage Commit may encompass a cardiac ultrasound system that sends study data to a DICOM server after each procedure. The DICOM server then sends the study to the assigned DICOM archive system. Immediately after this step, the Workflow Engine sends a Storage Commit request to the DICOM archive. Once the DICOM archive writes the study to a permanent storage medium, it sends a completion receipt to the DICOM server.

What are the Benefits?

  • This feature provides confirmation, as well as confidence, that images and are properly stored in the designated archive location.
  • This module also allows the source DICOM entity to release the storage space for the study.