Reflective Storage with SAN, nAS, HSM

Reflective storage architecture (RSA) is a configuration in which all data written to one system is also written to one or more other systems, and requests for any data are automatically satisfied, no matter which system holds the data. When the Workflow Engine Share, a general-purpose network share, is added to the RSA, it becomes a direct portal to the other members of the RSA.

What are the Benefits?

  • Using SilverBack for FlSA ensures that data can be stored in multiple locations, while remaining easily accessible. Once again, easy access to images enhances workflow for end-users.
  • This module automatically writes data to both primary and secondary storage systems, and the secondary system can be dedicated to redundant copy, provide storage for other department needs, or serve as a disaster recovery system.
  • FISA also ensures that data retrieval is available from all systems included within the RSA.