Modality Worklist Management

The modality worklist is a DICOM process for identifying patients who are scheduled for a study. The Workflow Engine retrieves this patient schedule on a regular basis and applies a range of filters. These filters select or remove patients according to specific facility or departmental needs. For example, the SilverBack Workflow Engine can apply a filter that excludes all patients who are not scheduled for a procedure in a specified department. With this feature, the modality worklist can identify ONLY the patients who are scheduled for a specific procedure within a specific department.

What are the Benefits?

  • The modality worklist feature filters patient data and images so clinicians can quickly and easily access the information they need. As a result, this feature can enhance overall hospital workfiow and productivity.
  • Worklist filtering manages which patients are returned from the worklist server. For example, a scheduling coordinator, who is working on a computer in the cardiac cath lab, could use the Workflow Engine's Modality Worklist Filtering module to return a list that is comprised only of those patients scheduled for angiograms.