The Workflow Engine Healthcare Multi-Storage Manager

DataFirst, the premier healthcare storage innovator, is proud to introduce its most powerful Interoperability and Communication Engine: The Workflow Engine Healthcare Multi-Storage Manager. This dual storage management system presents the unique ability to manage data and images between information management systems and hospital SANS/NAS storage devices and disaster recovery systems.

The Workflow Engine is a robust solution that presents more than 10 optional features. Plus, because DataFirst understands that each ot your customers presents unique storage needs, we designed The Workflow Engine so that you can tailor the options and capabilities for each site. The customizable The Workflow Engine solution that we deliver to a small community hospital can be modified with completely different features than the one we provide to a large integrated delivery network (IDN).

  • Steering images and data between hospital information systems and SANS/NAS storage.
  • Maintaining data points so data can easily be migrated between different storage devices and systems.
  • Aging data from SANS/NAS.
  • Supporting pre-fetch capabilities.
  • Providing an efficient backend system that filters data and enhances workflow for physicians, clinicians and other end users.
  • Automatically detecting life cycle points so data can easily be retrieved, flagged, copied, and detected.
  • Simultaneously serving as a DICOM server and router, while offering DICOM spooling capabilities.
  • Delivering a customizable solution that allows you to a tailor the specific features and options to your individual custom requirements.