Dicom Spooling

With SilverBack Workflow Engine's DICOM spooling feature, all of the images in each DlCOM series are grouped together and sent as a group. For example, some imaging programs send individual images to storage as they're created, rather than waiting for a series of images to be completed and consolidated into one streamlined group that's organized according to the users" preferences. The Workflow Engine "spools' or groups images so they are consolidated into pre-determined groups and arranged in the order users want.

What are the Benefits?

  • This feature creates a consistent review experience for clinicians because the images are always placed in the exact, pre-determined order clinicians prefer. As a result, the Workflow Engine's DICOM spooling capabilities enhance workflow for the end users.
  • The DICOM server receives the images as a group and adds them to its database as a group, so clinical study retrieval is faster and requires fewer menu selections.
  • Another benefit of the spooling feature is that SeriesUID and StudyUlD DICOM fields also can be controlled according to facility requirements.