Dicom Router

Routing is the process where DICOM commands are sent to a combination of target application entity titles [AET]. The reasons for routing vary. For instance, one application may forward all X-ray Angiography [XA] image studies to a departmental archive and all other image modalities to an enterprise archive. The need for DICOM routing varies from facility to facility. In some cases, some department systems or the overall hospital infrastructure may not support specific modalities, in other cases. DICOM routing is needed to effectively manage space availability within the archive system.

What are the Benefits?

  • This feature provides and users with the flexibility to designate different archive locations for different images and modalities.
  • This module also supports DICOM tag filtering, which categorizes and identifies studies as they pass through the Workflow Engine. DICOM tag filtering provides the ability to submit specific studies to multiple DICOM systems, while sending other studies to the primary DICOM system.
  • This feature allows and users to send the same image study to multiple DICOM systems.