SilverBackTM Rapid Study Routing—Fire Up Your Study Routing Workflow

Heat, Oxygen and Fuel Get Your Campfire Going, But How Do You Fire Up Your Data Routing Workflow? Speed, Intelligence and Timing.

The Challenge: Complex Imaging Study Routing

Timing is everything, especially when dynamic, on-the-fly study routing builds connections that change lives. In a mobile world, patients receive treatment in many locations, and data may be distributed across a wide network. Real-time access to data is a must-have for healthcare providers who need to see all available imaging data to get a complete patient picture. Studies stored across disparate sources, in multiple formats, must be managed with the power of “now.” HIT teams need an intelligent, high-performance solution to move complex data with ease.

The Solution: SilverBack Study Routing Delivers the Data

Silverback Medical Imaging Workflow Engine LogoThe SilverBack Workflow EngineTM seamlessly connects every study source to every target destination without exception. The engine leverages advanced algorithms and user-defined routing rules to discover, index, transform and deliver studies dynamically.

Speed. Intelligence. Timing.

Speed without intelligence delivers the wrong data faster. In collaboration with DataFirst’s Central Dictionary, routing rules control the receipt, manipulation, storage and delivery of every study. The solution is scalable, providing routing support at the department, institution and enterprise level. This solution builds a hub of centrally-managed locations, providing access to information when and where needed.

Advanced Routing Algorithms Fire Up Your Workflows

Technology and advanced algorithms use pre-selected study criteria (type, time, source, format) to power intelligent and predictive information indexing. Real-time study analysis and intelligent routing optimize just-in-time data management.


Rapid Study Routing, Complex Imaging Study Routing, SilverBack Workflow Router diagram

SilverBack’s Study Routing solution leverages advanced algorithms to deliver the right study, to the right location, at the right time—unbound by storage location or destination application. Timely access to information when and where needed improves care delivery.


SilverBack Study Routing Core Benefits

  • Delivers a centrally managed, scalable and customizable solution
  • Powers advanced and predictive study routing, improving overall workflow efficiency
  • Builds a global transaction log, enabling rapid study receipt and delivery verification
  • Supports your operation with a teamwork-based approach to solution implementation

Use Cases

Remote Physician Reading: Power secure and compliant “off hours” reading from any location on any internet-connected device.

Modality-Aware Routing: Control study routing by modality type. On-the-fly study formatting supports routing and reformatting of data from specific modalities stored in RIS/PACS/VNA.

Storage Location Freedom: Our patient-centered workflow engine delivers imaging data to the point of care, regardless of the receiving device, application (new and legacy), viewer or location.

Access Your Healthcare Data Faster

Healthcare providers need on-the-fly access to patient data. We build the connections that set data free: free to impact diagnosis, free to inform analysis, free to cross physical and technical boundaries. At DataFirst, we combine speed, intelligence and timing to fire up your study routing workflow.

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