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HL& and Customized Workflows

About Envision Radiology

With 50 locations throughout Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah, and Florida, Envision Radiology delivers a superior patient experience with the latest imaging technology and a dedicated staff focused on customer satisfaction.  The organization provides a wide range of services, including multi-modality imaging, remote reading, and specialty support. 

The Problem

With most mammogram appointments scheduled 12 months prior to the exam,  the SecureView system immediately identified relevant prior studies and delivered them to workstations prior to the return visit. The team needed to update and improve the process to account for new challenges around growth in systems and data. With limited storage capacity at the reading station, the prior studies would que up, then fall off as new studies entered the workstation.  As the company expanded in sites and systems, the team needed a workflow engine to ensure that all sources, both old and new to the network, were dynamically searched for all relevant studies regardless of the patient naming conventions, schemes, metadata, and demographic data irregularities.

The Solution

 With the Silverback® Workflow Engine, the team deployed an intelligent prefetch utilizing HL7 Schedule messages as the trigger to move studies to the right destination at the right time.

Additionally,  Envision quickly leveraged Silverback® to customize configuration and monitoring for a comprehensive view of all studies available in the entire Envision network for prefetch. The team quickly leveraged the UI to:

  • Configure Silverback® to listen for SIU messages at the time of scheduling.
  • Create a staging table to reference patients with multiple MRNs, Patient ID errors etc.
  • Set time and profile logic to deliver studies 48 hours prior to exam.
  • Connect and configure all source and target systems through an intuitive, central UI.
  • Set reporting and alerts to ensure all prefetch studies arrive in full to destination and support internal QC measures.

Looking Ahead

As Envision continues to expand, the Silverback® platform provides a dynamic solution to support its innovative strategy. With customized image distribution, archiving, QC testing, high availability, and the most powerful migration engine in the industry, Envision has the tools to solve any problem today and tomorrow.


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Founded in 1990 by healthcare specialists and military veterans, DataFirst has become a recognized leader in healthcare information technology for its ability to solve imaging data challenges and implement interoperability initiatives across the healthcare enterprise.

With a focus on customer service and technology innovation, the company has continued to evolve from a migration service provider to a leading-edge software developer. As the most trusted migration partner for the largest imaging solution manufacturers, DataFirst completes over 250 migration projects annually. This experience has created the foundation for the development and commercialization of the most robust imaging management platform in the industry today, Silverback®.

An enterprise-grade workflow and migration engine, Silverback® is designed to tackle the toughest interoperability challenges in healthcare. Offering the tools to create, supplement and enhance workflows, the platform enables organizations to customize a solution for your unique requirements and business objectives.

With experience in more than 50% of the hospitals across the country, the company continues to support all projects with a team based entirely in the U.S. DataFirst continues to grow the dedicated R&D team based in Florida with the talent and resources needed to deliver innovation and next-generation solutions. For over 30 years, the company has set a standard of excellence to support our clinical and IT specialists in their mission to deliver world-class healthcare.

Beau Jones

Beau is the President and CEO of DataFirst with more than 22 years of experience in management and leadership roles in the healthcare and information services industries. Learn more about Beau's experiences and qualifications on our Leadership page.