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After countless hours of analysis, presentations, and negotiations, your organization has pulled the trigger for a new set of systems to support department and enterprise imaging —i.e., a new PACS system, Storage, VNA, etc. As the execution phase begins, you need a plan to migrate from the old source to the new target quickly, efficiently, and cleanly. While a daunting initiative at any level, identifying and aligning the right resources, strategies and technology is the key to success.

With 30 years of experience partnering with organizations to enable seamless interoperability, DataFirst has seen it all. Please join us for a dynamic discussion of the issues and options to consider before your next migration initiative. 

In this webinar, the DataFirst team will review and explain the critical elements of planning and executing an image migration of any size, specifically focusing on workflow, speed, and operational efficiency. The following are some of the scenarios to be addressed:

  • Adding, consolidating, and transitioning multiple archiving systems
  • Site/clinic acquisitions and integration
  • Consolidating multiple master lists through migration
  • Intelligent Pre-Fetching during migrations
  • Migrating old HW, Tapes, etc. and moving to new systems and storage
  • Effective strategies and technologies to move hundreds of TBs without disrupting operations



DataFirst brings over 20 years of experience in information technology to the market to help organizations address modern challenges. This webinar is just one of several events ushering in a new era at the company, which seeks to educate the marketplace on its expertise and partnerships with hospital imaging departments and outpatient imaging facilities. DataFirst will have a presence at industry conferences, including a dedicated booth at HIMSS 2023!

Beau Jones

Beau is the President and CEO of DataFirst with more than 22 years of experience in management and leadership roles in the healthcare and information services industries. Learn more about Beau's experiences and qualifications on our Leadership page.